The Pumpkin Race Story


Our story begins on Halloween Eve 1990 when a dozen friends gathered to race hand-crafted Pumpkin Racers in the world's first Pumpkin Race.  Everyone agreed it was a smash hit, and a new tradition was born.   

Our Pumpkin Race tradition has grown organically to become a cherished annual tradition for more than 100,000 people in 250+ communities across America, and around the world. 



2005 - More than 500 friends and neighbors cheered on 125 Pumpkin Race teams at our 15th annual Pumpkin Race. This was the first year we began selling Pumpkin Race t-shirts to raise funds for local autism programs.  Watch the documentary produced by Time Warner Cable here: 


2007 - Our annual block party became a City of Manhattan Beach sponsored community event receiving Awards of Excellence from the National Recreation & Parks Association and the California Park & Recreation Society.  

2010 - The Pumpkin Race was featured among the Top 5 Halloween traditions in America by THE TRAVEL CHANNEL.  Watch the 10-minute video segment here

2016 - We formed SMASHING SUCCESS, LLC to make it easy for anyone to attend or host a Pumpkin Race for fun or fundraising in their community. Our mission is use the annual attraction of our World Famous Pumpkin Race tradition to help create a better future for adults living with autism and other neurodiversities. Our products are assembled and packed in by our neurodiverse workforce in partnership with public and private non-profit Transition Programs across the country. 

The Pumpkin Race  Pumpkin Race fundraising events are held every October, during National Disability Employment Awareness Month, to raise awareness and resources to help create successful transition outcomes for students learning to live and work in their community as neurodiverse adults.    

10/27/2017 - 3rd Annual Longo Toyota Pumpkin Race presented by Longo Toyota 

10/28/2017 - 2nd Annual Naperville Pumpkin Race presented by Turning Pointe Autism Foundation and Chevrolet of Naperville 

10/29/2017 - 27th Annual World Famous Manhattan Beach Pumpkin Race Festival presented by LAcarGUY

Our free Pumpkin Race fundraiser format empowers people to host Pumpkin Race events and raise funds to expand local employment programs for young adult students in their community, or for any cause near and dear to their hearts.  

Whether you race for fun, or to support a loved one, the Pumpkin Race will rekindle a sense of good old fashioned delight for your family and community every October  

Good luck (and enjoy!) your Pumpkin Race!

With gratitude, 

The World Famous Pumpkin Race Family