You've got questions.  We've got answers.

Where can I get a Racer Kit? 

We offer several Racer Kits for sale in our Official Store.  We've done a lot of testing and use the best materials for all of our kits.   Your support helps us in our mission to create more jobs, and a better future for adults living with autism and other neurodisorders.

You can purchase a Make Autism Work Pumpkin Race Fundraiser Kit for one of our official races here: 

10/23/2016 - Manhattan Beach Pumpkin Race to Make Autism Work 

If your race allows, you can also purchase kit materials from a hardware store, sporting goods store, or hobby store for around $15-$25.   

How do I make my Classic Pumpkin Racer? - VIDEO ANSWER

Each Racer Kit comes with complete instructions and Official Rules. A Classic Pumpkin Racer must be made with 1 carved pumpkin (up to 15" wide), 2 independent axles running through the pumpkin, and 4 wheels attached.  Let your imagination run wild with design and decoration.  But, remember, no cheating!!!

 What are the Official Rules for making Pumpkin Racers?

RULE #1 Craft your Pumpkin Racer using a single, carved pumpkin.

RULE #2 Insert two independent axles through your pumpkin and attach wheels to the axles. Spice up your racer with style.

RULE #3 You may not attach your pumpkin onto a pre-fabricated chassis of any kind (skateboard, stroller, Tonka truck, etc., etc...) A.K.A. The "Anti-Stealth" Rule.


RULE #5 No pushing or "helping" your Pumpkin Racer on the starting line. Our Race Officials have seen it all - the last minute shove, the hidden thumb flick, the early release, the remote control chassis, etc. etc. See Rule #6.

RULE #6 NO CHEATING. Feel great about being honest and fair. Don't be tempted to be a Cheater Pumpkin. Use the honor system and obey the spirit of these rules. Our Race Officials have a keen eye and the Mallet-O-Justice ready to bring a Cheater Pumpkin down

How do I host my own race?

Gather a few friends to help you pick a date, location, and size of event.   Then decide which Host Pack will best suit your needs.  All Host Packs come with our Official Host Guide filled with instructions, checklists, and tips for a smashing success!  

Contact us if you have questions, or would like help hosting a large event.  We are here to help. 

How do I host my own fundraiser?

Every Host Kit includes materials and information to turn your event into a fundraiser for your cause.  Just like a walk-a-thon but more fun, Pumpkin Race participants form teams and secure donations from family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers.  A good goal is $50-$100 per team, but could be more or less depending upon your goals and resources.