You've got questions.  We've got answers.

Where can I get a Racer Kit? 

We offer several Racer Kits for sale in our Official Store.  We created the original Pumpkin Race in 1990 and have done a lot of testing to create the best kits available.  If your race allows, you can also purchase kit materials from a hardware store, sporting goods store, or hobby store for around $25 to $35.   

Buying from our online store helps us in our mission to create more jobs, and a better future for adults living with autism and other neurodisorders.

How long will it take to get my kits? 

We ship via FedEx Ground from Los Angeles (Manhattan Beach, CA).

Standard Shipping

1-2 days West Coast US
2-3 days Midwest
3-5 days East Coast 
7-10 days International

Let us know the date of your event and we will get it to you in time.

If we need to expedite shipping for you, we will call to get your approval before shipping, or refund your purchase.  ENJOY YOUR PUMPKIN RACE!


How do I make my Classic Pumpkin Racer? - VIDEO ANSWER

Each Racer Kit comes with complete instructions and Official Rules. A Classic Pumpkin Racer must be made with 1 carved pumpkin (up to 15" wide), 2 independent axles running through the pumpkin, and 4 wheels attached.  Let your imagination run wild with design and decoration.  But, remember, no cheating!!!

 What are the Official Rules for making Pumpkin Racers?

RULE #1 Craft your Pumpkin Racer using a single, carved pumpkin.

RULE #2 Insert two independent axles through your pumpkin and attach wheels to the axles. Spice up your racer with style.

RULE #3 You may not attach your pumpkin onto a pre-fabricated chassis of any kind (skateboard, stroller, Tonka truck, etc., etc...) A.K.A. The "Anti-Stealth" Rule.


RULE #5 No pushing or "helping" your Pumpkin Racer on the starting line. Our Race Officials have seen it all - the last minute shove, the hidden thumb flick, the early release, the remote control chassis, etc. etc. See Rule #6.

RULE #6 NO CHEATING. Feel great about being honest and fair. Don't be tempted to be a Cheater Pumpkin. Use the honor system and obey the spirit of these rules. Our Race Officials have a keen eye and the Mallet-O-Justice ready to bring a Cheater Pumpkin down

How do I host my own race?

Gather a few friends to help you pick a date, location, and size of event.   Then decide which Host Pack will best suit your needs.  All Host Packs come with our Official Host Guide filled with instructions, checklists, and tips for a smashing success!  

Contact us if you have questions, or would like help hosting a large event.  We are here to help. 

How do I host my own fundraiser?

Every Host Kit includes materials and information to turn your event into a fundraiser for your cause.  Just like a walk-a-thon but more fun, Pumpkin Race participants form teams and secure donations from family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers.  A good goal is $50-$100 per team, but could be more or less depending upon your goals and resources.